Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More about that whiney jerk named Holden...

Here's a video of this guy discussing "Catcher". I know this book has been beaten to the ground as far as discussions go, but I think he (whoever he is -- some nerdy vlogger) does it more effectively than most people I've heard. It's in two parts. If you like it, you can search for the other part on youtube. I don't think I'm ever going to get over this book. Or Holden. I hope it never becomes a movie.

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  1. hey - for obvious reasons this post caught my attention.
    i watched the video and went and found part 2.
    that guy just changed my life.
    he was able to articulate so well all the reasons why i like holden.
    why i'll never be able to get over him.
    for me, it has so little to do with his desire to protect the innocent and everything to do with his hunger to just be listened to.... we've all felt that way and it totally sucks.

    which is why, i would argue that blogging is potentially addicting. we write stuff knowing people could read it - that perhaps there is someone out there who can empathize with our plight, happiness, or whatever else we are writing about.

    so - thanks for sharing that video, i really needed it.