Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mr. Hughes and his mismatched shoes

I went on a Langston Hughes rampage after class this last thursday. Here are two that I love. So short and so sweet.

"Quiet Girl"

I would liken you
To a night without stars
Were it not for your eyes.
I would liken you
To a sleep without dreams
Were it not for your songs.

"Bad Morning"

Here I sit
With my shoes mismated.
I's frustrated!

Latest Song Obsessions and other things

Just because I'm in love with lists...

"Tap at my Window" - Laura Marling
"Beat Your Heart Out" - The Distillers
"A Kiss to Build a Dream On" - Louis Armstrong
"Selfish Jean" - Travis
"River Man" - Nick Drake
"Same Old Drag" - The Apples in Stereo
"Heroes and Villains" - The Beach Boys
"Stars" - Alison Krauss and Union Station
"Hero" - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
"Sascha" - Jolie Holland
"Peachy" - Missy Higgins
"Telephone" - Lady Gaga
"All My Loving" - The Beatles
"Let's get out of this country" - Camera Obscura

Latest Obsessions in General:

The Olympics. I love the snowboarding events. And Evan Lysacek.
Arthur Rackham's "Alice" Illustrations (see above image)
Laura Marling
Pedro Almodovar films
Francesca Lia Block's books
"Fantastic Mr. Fox" (Looooooove!)
Strawberry Banana smoothies
Peanut Butter

Just because I'm on a huge Laura marling kick... here's the video for "New Romantic" (Sorry if anyone's offended by the minor expletive. Or general, erm, moodiness. I think it's lovely.)

Laura Marling - New Romantic Video by Laura Marling - MySpace Video

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anxieties and Demetri Martin

I was going to quit blogging. I'm still pretty uncomfortable about it all. I even asked Prof. Steadman if I could just write in a journal instead. She kindly agreed.

But then I felt guilty. I remember others in the class expressing discomfort with the blog idea. I mean, if they have to suffer through it, shouldn't I? Anyway, I think this might be an odd sort of therapy for me. I've always struggled with social anxieties/depression to a certain degree. It's nothing crippling (and I tend to snap at anybody that gives me the "poor baby" treatment, fyi), but it fosters a fear that prevents me from "reaching my full potential". (This is therapy-speak. I'm fairly certain normal people don't talk like this. :P )

When I do something I'm enthusiastic about, (writing, painting, sketching, etc.) I tend to put my whole heart and soul on the line. I can't help it. I feel like anything less is too much of a lie. So I guess writing about poetry (a subject I adore) makes me feel nervous and exposed.

But this last month I've learned that many people are really quite kind when you let them in. Or maybe I've just been lucky.
Whatever the reason, I'm giving it another go.

I apologize if this was too much drama for anyone reading this. In an attempt to lighten the mood, here is some Travis/Demetri Martin goodness.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Clementines and "Pleasantness"

Yikes. I went back and re-read my last blog post.
Do I really sound like that?
I was having a dreadful week, but still. That's not really an excuse for being so unpleasant/obnoxious. Does anyone else feel that way? Like when you watch home-movies of yourself or read something you wrote years ago and think "Oh gross... that can't be me..."

Anyway, I've deleted the previous post out of embarrassment. I'll re-post my poetry analysis sometime later this week... and I promise it will be both shorter and slightly more pleasant. Slightly.

Really though, isn't pleasantness highly subjective? I've never felt very akin to that particular word. Or "nice". That one eludes me as well. Still, I'm sure there's a better version of myself out there. I hope she's more verbally articulate. And has better hair.

I think I might combine this blog with my illustration one as well... just because my old one is largely more neglected than this one. :/ Expect to see more sketches like the above one in the future. Especially of clementines and other fruit. I've had a weird clementine fetish lately.