Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anxieties and Demetri Martin

I was going to quit blogging. I'm still pretty uncomfortable about it all. I even asked Prof. Steadman if I could just write in a journal instead. She kindly agreed.

But then I felt guilty. I remember others in the class expressing discomfort with the blog idea. I mean, if they have to suffer through it, shouldn't I? Anyway, I think this might be an odd sort of therapy for me. I've always struggled with social anxieties/depression to a certain degree. It's nothing crippling (and I tend to snap at anybody that gives me the "poor baby" treatment, fyi), but it fosters a fear that prevents me from "reaching my full potential". (This is therapy-speak. I'm fairly certain normal people don't talk like this. :P )

When I do something I'm enthusiastic about, (writing, painting, sketching, etc.) I tend to put my whole heart and soul on the line. I can't help it. I feel like anything less is too much of a lie. So I guess writing about poetry (a subject I adore) makes me feel nervous and exposed.

But this last month I've learned that many people are really quite kind when you let them in. Or maybe I've just been lucky.
Whatever the reason, I'm giving it another go.

I apologize if this was too much drama for anyone reading this. In an attempt to lighten the mood, here is some Travis/Demetri Martin goodness.

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