Monday, February 8, 2010

Clementines and "Pleasantness"

Yikes. I went back and re-read my last blog post.
Do I really sound like that?
I was having a dreadful week, but still. That's not really an excuse for being so unpleasant/obnoxious. Does anyone else feel that way? Like when you watch home-movies of yourself or read something you wrote years ago and think "Oh gross... that can't be me..."

Anyway, I've deleted the previous post out of embarrassment. I'll re-post my poetry analysis sometime later this week... and I promise it will be both shorter and slightly more pleasant. Slightly.

Really though, isn't pleasantness highly subjective? I've never felt very akin to that particular word. Or "nice". That one eludes me as well. Still, I'm sure there's a better version of myself out there. I hope she's more verbally articulate. And has better hair.

I think I might combine this blog with my illustration one as well... just because my old one is largely more neglected than this one. :/ Expect to see more sketches like the above one in the future. Especially of clementines and other fruit. I've had a weird clementine fetish lately.


  1. i liked your honesty.
    i like this entry too, though.

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  3. Okay, just to be a brat, I'm going to thank you for using 'fetish' in its more correct (perhaps that's subjective) form. I remember getting really ticked when, anytime I used it in high school, everyone would act all grossed out because they'd only heard it used sexually.

    Also, ditto Barret. And I wish I had read your post before you deleted it *grin*.

  4. I love your drawing, I wish I could draw even a decent stick figure. And I know how you feel about home movies. I made way too many as a young child and while they're hilarious, it's more painful than fun sometimes to watch.