Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Semi-hesitant Official Blog Post #1

I'm reading Moby Dick right now. Apparently, it's one of the most hated classics in the English language. I can see why... that one chapter about the importance of Sperm-Wale-oil was less than riveting. But still. I'm loving the language and the dark humor. It's making me want to drop everything and run away to a beach. Not the warm, post-card-friendly beaches of Hawaii or California (though those are lovely too), but the rockier, colder beaches of the Pacific Northwest. I have a weird fixation with this area, especially the Oregon coast. I don't really know why. I'm not from there or anything and I've only been twice. It's just so wonderful to me. I watched The Goonies the other night just because they filmed it in Astoria and Cannon Beach. And, y'know, because of Chunk. Who doesn't love the "truffle shuffle"? Seriously.

I'm still apprehensive (and a little embarrassed that people are actually reading this...), but I'm starting to understand the appeal of blogging. I stumbled upon the amazing, Brooklyn-based illustrator Jillian Tamaki's "sketchblog" and am now resolved to make my own blog(s) more ...interesting. Maybe not today... but I will get down to the nitty-gritty eventually. My life's pretty weird... I'm sure I could include a few semi-humorous stories.
In the meantime, here is a list of songs I've been enjoying within the last week or two (I am list-happy. Run away now):

"Go Places" - The New Pornographers
"French Navy" - Camera Obscura
"All the Pretty Girls" - Fun.
"Dog Problems" - The Format
"Where is my Mind?" - Pixies
"Portland is Leaving" - Rocky Votolato
"Seventeen" - Marina and the Diamonds
"Dog Days are Over" - Florence and the Machine
"22" - Lily Allen
"The Wrong Girl" - Missy Higgins
"Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga (Don't judge.)
"Waltz" - Fiona Apple
"Lessons Learned" - Matt and Kim
"Happy Kid" - Nada Surf
"Watching the Planets" - The Flaming Lips
I also just re-discovered my old Smashing Pumpkins CDs. Such fond memories. :)


  1. I was reading this post with some level of interest until I got to your song list. As I scanned the first two, I thought to myself,hm.. I do not have the same taste. And then... I saw the next two. I am in love with both of those songs. I can listen to the entire Fun. album repeatedly, daily, weekly, probably for the rest of my life. Dog Problems is another classic, something original, beautiful, abstract.

    I apologize for steering away from the primary content of the blog. I have not read Moby Dick, or many other classics, and I should commit myself to these things.

    :] thank you for the blog, it was great to read. Keep it up.

  2. Isn't it funny how listening to songs can take you back to a certain day, or a certain person, or a certain time of life? I just made a cd and somehow all these old childhood songs showed up. So what if still like listening to Lion King haha?

  3. So I have a confession. I love blogging. It is a tad narcissistic, so that aspect I can completely understand, but as I think you're starting to find out, it can be a very unique, beautiful form of expression. I hope you start to enjoy the process more, and I'll be checking back. I mean really, you popped in a great Goonies reference, so I am hooked!

    Have a great day!

  4. I've heard people say that they like reading because they can "escape" from reality. I don't like this view because I don't think it is healthy for one to hate/dislike their life situation so much that they NEED to escape from it. But, what I do like [and I realize they are similar] is transporting yourself to another place through reading - you can experience places you've never been, or find out about places you thing you would like to do. You get to see the world from a different point of view.

    As for Moby Dick, I've never read it; it's on my list, but in high school I was in band one year and we played this piece called "Of Sailors and Whales" by W. Francis McBeth. It is a really cool piece because it is five movements and each one is titled after a character from Moby Dick.

  5. fiona apple = love. same with new pornographers. good taste :)

  6. So, I also love your music list. Missy Higgins is brilliant.

    Goonies actually terrified me as a child and I just can't bring myself to watch it now that I'm older.