Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obligatory introductory post

I don't really like blogs. There's something kind of dull and narcissistic about the whole thing to me. A journal I can understand. It's something you keep away from this dreadful and all consuming internet culture, privy to only a few lucky losers. And journals have pages. Pretty, papery, crisp little pages (I go a little crazy over paper...) that you can crinkle and tear and spill things on, etc.

Still, if I'm serious about this whole illustration deal (and about getting a good grade for this class), blogging is "essential". I'll probably warm up to it as soon as I get going... and I will also try to be less, um, negative in my posts.

In the meantime, I need a better title. Hah! Another reason why physical journals are better: they require no craptastic titles.


  1. it passes.
    on the bright side - they [blogs] are less narcissistic than facebook.

  2. I don't agree that Facebook is more narcissistic. Well, both blogs and Facebook do promote a delusion of self-importance among the most mediocre of us. Myself included.

  3. i love smelling paper. you cant be as crazy about it as the woman in line ahead of me at the craft store the other day.... i had to wait for literally a half an hour while the check out lady scanned practically a billion sheets of paper for her. a billion. seriously.

  4. Craptastic---a new word for me. It made me laugh which is always a good thing. So you blog is off to a good start.